ラン・ラン 北京オリンピック開幕式に登場!


ラン・ランは、同じ中国・瀋陽出身のシャオガン・イェ(Xiaogang Ye)の新作のピアノ協奏曲「Starring Sky」を、約8分間に渡る演奏を披露。

■ ラン・ラン ~ オフォシャルメッセージ
Lang Lang - Official message -
I was given the honor to perform a beautiful piece of music by Xiaogang Ye at the Olympic opening ceremony yesterday. Being a part of the young generation in China, it is especially an honor for me to perform at the opening ceremony because it is a symbol of how China is changing. In this new generation, we are enjoying a very different way of life from our parents. We love Western culture and classical music but we also have strong and sturdy Chinese traditions. The Beijing Olympics is giving the world an opportunity to glance in on this new China. I am so proud to be able to participate during such a glorious time for my home country.
- Lang Lang
ラン・ラン ~ オフォシャルメッセージ
- ランラン

Monday August 18, 2008