●A Tribute to Higashi Nihon ~東日本への贈りもの~8月9日(火)無料イベントの応募方法を発表

[ English version ]

アーティストたちが移動式テントとともに東日本を訪れる文化復興支援プロジェクト「ARK NOVA - A Tribute to Higashi Nihon

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日時: 8月9日(火)19:00 (1時間半程度の予定)
会場: 東京国際フォーラム/ホールA
入場料: 無料 (応募による事前予約制)

■ スピーチ
ルツェルン・フェスティバル 芸術総監督 ミヒャエル・ヘフリガー 他
■ プロジェクト概要
文化復興支援プロジェクトARK NOVAの説明
■ 演奏
クラウディオ・アバド指揮 ルツェルン祝祭管弦楽団による
マーラー: 交響曲第10番より アダージョ




「文化復興支援プロジェクト:A Tribute to Higashi Nihon ~東日本への贈りもの~ 8月9日(火)に都内で無料イベント、アバド指揮ルツェルン祝祭管の演奏を生中継」 (2011.7.15)
決定:8/9「東日本への贈りもの」概要発表/アバド&ルツェルン祝祭管の演奏をWeb生中継 (2011.8.5)
本日「ARK NOVA - A Tribute to Higashi Nihon ~東日本への贈りもの~」概要発表/アバド&ルツェルン祝祭管の演奏:Web生中継URLのご案内 (2011.8.9)

Monday July 18, 2011

KAJIMOTO to announce a free admission event in Tokyo: "A Tribute to Higashi Nihon" on Aug 9, (Tue). A live broadcast of the Lucerne Festival Orchestra conducted by Claudio Abbado.

Lucerne Festival (Switzerland) and KAJIMOTO organized a cultural reconstructing support project named “ARK NOVA - A Tribute to Higashi Nihon”.

[ Japanese version ]

On Tuesday 9, August, starting from local time 12:00 Noon (7:00 PM in Japan), a public announcement about the project will be made in KKL concert hall (Lucerne, Switzerland), and a live broadcasting event of Lucerne-Festival Orchestra under Maestro Claudio Abbado will be performed at the same time.

Details are as follows:

1. “ARK NOVA - A Tribute to Higashi Nihon”.

“ARK NOVA - A Tribute to Higashi Nihon” is a cultural reconstruction support project with the cooperation of the Lucerne Festival (Switzerland), providing a live performance by both domestic and overseas musicians using an ambulatory tent as a concert hall at disaster-stricken area. We aim to support the stricken area continuously from the cultural perspective not only with the music but also with architecture, design, and sounds with the help of world-wide professionals.

Details will be announced at 9th August in Lucerne in Switzerland

2. Lucerne-Festival Charity Concert / live viewing event in Japan (admission free)

‹Lucerne Festival Charity Concert›

The presentation of the project and the performance will be given in the KKL concert hall which has been used for “Lucerne Festival” every year.


Time: Tue 9, August. 12:00 Noon in Switzerland (7:00 PM in Japan)
Location: KKL Concert Hall (Lucerne, Switzerland)

• Speech (Switzerland 12:00 Noon~12:20 PM / Japan 7:00~7:20 PM)
Lucerne Festival Artistic Director, Michael Häfliger and others.
• Presentation(Switzerland 12:20~12:30 PM / Japan 7:20~7:30 PM)
Announcement, summary of the project, “ARK NOVA - A Tribute to Higashi Nihon”
• Performance (Switzerland 12:40~1:15 PM / Japan 7:40~8:15 PM)
Lucerne Festival Orchestra conducted by Claudio Abbado
Mahler: Adagio from Symphony No.10

‹Live Viewing in Japan›
Live broadcast of the live viewing performance will be holding on Tuesday 9th, August.


Time: 7:00 PM on Tuesday 9th, August.
Location: Hall A, Tokyo International Forum.
Admission: Free (Pre-apply required)

• Announcement: how to apply the free event “A Tribute to Higashi Nihon”
“A Tribute to Higashi Nihon,” cultural reconstruction support project, the project during which musical artists visit Japan and perform in an ambulatory tent, comes early in next month.

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We will invite 1000 guests chosen by a lottery.
The people selected by the lottery will be informed directly.

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