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日本では全国5都市においてこの音楽祭が開催されます。東京、びわ湖、金沢、新潟、鳥栖において、4月29日から5月8日まで、[有料] 公演が行われます。





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Monday April 25, 2011

Sinfonia Varsovia will give 10 concerts in Japan for “La Folle Journee”

We received a message from Sinfonia Varsovia: the Polish orchestra will give 10 concerts in Japan for the Folle Journee Festival 2011(from 29th April to 8th May).

Please check their Facebook and Website, too.


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Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra goes to Japan
La Folle Journée Festival in five Japanese cities

This year La Folle Journée Festival in Japan will be exceptional. Sinfonia Varsovia will participate in the Japanese edition of the festival as usually, however, this year, with a unique sense of importance of the mission that music is to fulfil there — bringing joy and support. La Folle Journée Festival in Japan will take place in five cities — Tokyo, Biwako, Kanazawa, Niigata and Tosu — and will last from 29th April to 8th May.

During this year’s La Folle Journée Festival in Japan, the Orchestra will give 10 concerts in three cities: Biwako and Tosu, where the title of the festival is "Beethoven à Vienne", and in Kanazawa, under the "Schubert à Vienne" title.
The repertoire of Sinfonia Varsovia concerts in Japan includes primarily famous pieces by Ludwig van Beethoven: Overtures — Coriolanus and Egmont, Piano concerto No 4 and 5 (the “Emperor concerto”), Violin concerto, Triple concerto for piano, violin and cello, Symphony No 3 “Eroica” and Symphony No 7.
[According to the legend, Beethoven’s Symphony No 3 was initially dedicated to Napoleon Bonaparte. Supposedly, after hearing about the coronation of the recent consul as emperor, the composer ripped out the title page with the dedication from the score. The general, broadly understood, subtitle of the symphony — sinfonia eroica (the heroic symphony) – has remained.*]

Besides the most famous pieces, the Orchestra will also perform a few exceptional, rarely performed compositions such as:
Overture in C minor, D 8 by Schubert and Name Day Overture, Op. 115 (Zur Namensfeier) by Beethoven, composed in 1815 and dedicated to Antoni Henryk Radziwiłł, a politician and a composer, the duke-governor of the Grand Duchy of Posen.

In Japan, Sinfonia Varsovia will be conducted by George Tchitchinadze and it will accompany such soloists as Anne Queffélec, Michel Dalberto, Ikuyo Nakamichi, Kazune Shimizu (piano), Olivier Charlier, Tedi Papavrami (violin) and Tatiana Vassilieva (cello).


La Folle Journée "Beethoven à Vienne" – Biwako – 29-30/04/2011: http://lfjb.biwako-hall.or.jp/
La Folle Journée "Schubert à Vienne" – Kanazawa – 1-4/05/2011: http://lfjk.jp/index.html
La Folle Journée "Les Titans " – Tokyo – 3-5/05/2011: http://www.lfj.jp/lfj_2011/
La Folle Journée "Beethoven à Vienne" – Tosu – 5-7/05/2011: http://lfjt.jp/
La Folle Journée "Beethoven à Vienne" – Niigata – 6-8/05/2011: http://lfjn.jp/lfjn2011/