2009.4. 1(Wed)





1951 年に'梶本音楽事務所'を創業し、これまで築いてきた伝統を継承しつつ、今、この時代に何をすべきなのか、また、次の世代に残していくべきものが何かを社員とともに考え、歩んでまいりたいと思います。皆様には、幸せなひとときをお過ごしいただけるような企画をご提供すべく、努めてまいります。


KAJIMOTO 代表取締役社長 梶本眞秀


Wednesday April 1, 2009

"Kajimoto Concert Management" to "KAJIMOTO"

Spring has come, bringing renewal and rejuvenation. This season, we at Kajimoto Concert Management, have been inspired to take on a new challenge and propose a new style and direction in art and culture, expanding from the purely musical field.To symbolize this change,

we asked Mr. Kashiwa Sato, Creative Director to design a brand image representing the company ethos. Mr. Kashiwa created our new logo which, with its kaleidoscope of color combinations, expresses the diversity of our artists, concert plans and ideas. Our homepage, catalogue and flyers will also be completely innovated to coincide with the birth of the new logo and the shortening of our name from "Kajimoto Concert Management" to simply "KAJIMOTO", effective from April 1st 2009.
We have seen many changes and much expansion since our first office was opened in Osaka in 1951, and the KAJIMOTO staff continues build on the tradition of excellence it has inherited, whilst being devoted to creating new works for the next generation. We will do our best to offer artistic projects and concerts which all can enjoy, appreciate and benefit from.
We sincerely appreciate your patronage of the new KAJIMOTO in the future.

KAJIMOTO President Masahide Kajimoto

April 1st, 2009