2009.3. 6(Fri)

◆児玉桃 メシアン・プロジェクト2008でダブル受賞!


ピアニストの児玉桃は、2008年のメシアン生誕100年に際して行った一連のコンサートシリーズ「児玉桃 メシアン・プロジェクト2008(全5回)」でのすぐれた演奏が高く評価され、文化庁「音楽部門 芸術選奨文部科学大臣新人賞」、ならびに「第27回中島健蔵音楽賞」に輝きました。

平成20年度芸術選奨 受賞者及び贈賞理由

児玉桃 メシアン・プロジェクト 2008

Friday March 6, 2009

Momo Kodama was awarded 2 prestigious prizes!

Momo Kodama, pianist, received 2 noble awards because of her success on Messiaen Project 2008 (5 concert series);

“Art Encouragement Prize for freshman of Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology”
- This prize is given by Agency for Cultural Affairs, which is traditional and prestigious art prize in Japan. This is awarded to new influential artists in the 10 different fields, such as movie, literature, music, classical art, and etc.

“The Kenzo Nakajima Memorial Fund for Contemporary Music Promotion”
- This prize is given to the person who contributed to Contemporary Music.

It was established with the foundation by the bereaved family of Mr. Kenzo Nakajima (deceased), French literary man.