2010/10/28 | NEWS

Gergiev talks about Mahler

But that's Mahler…Mahler is a composer making more and more and more impact on our, let's say, musical world. Someone who you have to name immediately after Beethoven or Brahms…

I think Gustav Mahler himself was completely focused on how to make every small detail, sound like (an) irreplaceable part of the whole, that's difficult. And the better the orchestra gets, the easier for this orchestra it becomes to just play it easily.

Perfection is kind of promised or guaranteed, but go deeper, and find expression, such is the power of the organization that it organizes everything. It can be done at expensive tenderness or expression or flexibility of freedom or what we say Italian rubato, you know freedom, phrasing, colors.

You just hear it in the orchestration…you just hear from the skies sometimes, rather than from the earth.

It's a dream for a musician just to experience it himself, or share it with your public….really, really incredible.

I think Mahler accepted that being one of the leaders, one of (the) huge cosmopolitan figures of his time and of (the) musical world. He accepts there is something greater than this power he has, and this will just come and take him somewhere else, and he has a chance to speak now and instead of being busy with all this, you know, he just choose more what we call ‘eternal’ subjects, thoughts.